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Thread: DV vs. Micro DVD

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    Default DV vs. Micro DVD

    I'm not sure if they are called micro DVD's or whatever but you must know what I mean. I am of course referring to the camcorders that can record straight to DVD.

    Basically im asking what is best in your opinion. I understand that both camcorders will suit different needs.

    I would like a camcorder where I could edit films. That would be a major thing for me and it seems to me that is harder if not impossible to do with the new straight to DVD technology. At the same time I do not have a DVD writer/burner and have very little knowledge of how to install one, despite reading the guide on this site a hundred times (yes, i'm a fool).

    Basically what i'm asking is what are the advantages of each contraption. I eagerly await your replies.

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    There's a few views on this in the following thread:
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