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Thread: HEEEELLLLLLLPPPPPPP??????????????

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    Default HEEEELLLLLLLPPPPPPP??????????????

    Ok the jist is, im tryin to create a music video...but using an animated dvd for the clips, its not for serious jus a bit of fun. jus incase n e one wants to leap on me abt copyright. ive uploaded the animated movie onto my pc, in 2 formats, 1 dvd an the other in mpeg2. no probs there then...however i obviousley dont need the entire length of the movie jus splices of it here an there and in a mixed order, so sum scenes near the end i might want as the start of my video lets say...if you get the idea? i also want to staple my selected music track over the top instead of the original audio on the disc, so in summary i wanna put my own music track on a video which will consist of bits an cuts of an original dvd animated movie.

    if anyone at all can help id real really appreciate it, software recomendations, pointers, ideas...all help would be welcome

    thanx for takin time to read this, hope ya can help, as i really want to learn how to do this but never had the knowledge and id love to learn..

    feel free to email me..(adress in my profile) or leave me a note on this forum

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    It seems you aint got a clue about video editing and we cant teach you everything you need to know. You need to read up on the basics first!!!. It's a bit like me knowing nothing about medicine going to a medical forum and asking how to cure a disease.
    Sorry if this seems harsh but your question is way way WAY to gereralised.

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    well duuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, of course i aint gotta clue..thats why im askin you prat. and instead of putting me down abt my lack of talents, fukin tell me somthing useful, like a software recomendation so i can learn how to, how the fuk did you learn huh....somebody gave you a ton of replys like you gave me? when you asked????? cuz youd be in the same boat as me now if thay did.

    jus cause your a fukin genius at it gives you no right to put me down abt it....

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    And that's that!

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    Th post was originally posted in a completely inappropriate section.

    Additionally What the poster is asking concerms the very fundamentals of video editing. The forum is really geared towards two things:

    1) asnwering specific questions that are not already answered and;
    2) generating a community of like-minded individuals.

    The two posts by the original poster fits into neither category. All of us here learned by reading and Mark was suggesting the oroginal poster do the same rather than ask to be spoon fed.

    The answer to the questions are readily available and would essentially take up a whole book.
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