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Thread: 2 nle's on one pc

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    Default 2 nle's on one pc

    i am running a Matrox RTX100 on a P4 2.4 working with Premiere 6.5
    Now I bought a Pinnacle Edition Pro but want to keep my Matrox because of old projects etc and I dont want to buy a new PC
    Any chaance they will co-exist on the same pc and how to do it?


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    If it's any help, at the moment I have Premiere Pro, Vegas 4 and few other NLE apps. From a software point of view, there shouldn't be any conflicts.

    It's my understanding, and forgive me if I'm wrong, that you'll be runnin Pinnacle Edition Pro with no additional hardware. As such, there'll be no hardware conflicts either.

    Overall, I can't imagine any problems. But then we are talking about PCs...
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    Marc, the Pro version comes with it's own (Radeon based) graphics card. We supply Pinnacle themselves with PC systems to demonstrate their Edition/Liquid Edition range of products on and I can tell you Edition doesn't like Premiere very much. Completely uninstall/trash/shred Premiere if you want to guarantee a trouble free installation of Edition.

    Oh, yes, and the RT.X100 could cause it's own problems :-(

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    Well that's me well and truly corrected
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    On the subject of Pinnacle, how's Edition compare to their other products in terms of bugs? I.e have you been faced with many tech support queries after shipping a PC with the software.

    I'm thinking of finally investing in a dedicated editing card - well, actually it's a toss up between upgrading the CPU etc, getting a better dual head graphics card, or opting for a editing card. Kinda reluctant to go for the latter given the great RT effects in Premiere Pro and Vegas 4...

    But getting back to the original question, it seems you might be wise to create a new partion and seperate OS installation!
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    Marc, you are forgiven The Edition Pro is a new product and not as well publicised as the RT.X100s etc.

    >> create a new partion and seperate OS installation!
    That's a brill idea.

    Edition doesn't seem to generate a lot of support calls. It does work a lot differently to Premiere and if Premiere is what you are used to it'll take a while to get familiar with Edition. We did post a review some time ago:

    One thing that's worth knowing though is that if you don't use the Pro version then you'd better not have a Radeon card in your PC (As Edition will keep thinking it's the Radeon 8500 chipset based card that the Pro package comes with).

    I can't recommend one make of card over another as I am posting with the "Poweroid" name - and we are official resellers for all of them - but I can definitely recommend getting the editing card as well as upgrading the rest of your hardware


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