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    I'm a director/dp that shoots film and has to have current demo dvd's in order to get more work from ad agencies. I have adobe premier pro 1.5 and would like to create my own demo reels on my computer. I shot a series of tv commercials on 35mm film and during the film transfer to digi beta i also requested a dvd of the best quality for my own post purposes.
    the files are very large or at least I believe they are. I had to rip the files from the dvd to import them into premier. I riped them to avi and did an offline edit for the on-line in an AVID suite for the client. The rip was low rez and looked jagged and soft but since it had a time code burn throughout the AVID editor had no problem creating the on-line edit and everything worked out fine. Now as a director I did not like the clienbts version of the spots and thought I would post them myself for my demo and the internet. The internet is fine they would look fine but for a large TV playback they look terrible. The dvd from the post house of the raw footage has 5 vob's on it and i can import 1 and 5 - 1 is the color bars and 5 was the last couple of shots on the shoot. I put them on the time line and then burned them to a dvd to see what they would look like. They look very good on the large NTSC tv. Although, they had moray or jittery type of look almost like way too much detail. but the big problem I have is why I cannot import the files directly from the dvd into premier? and when you rip them down and post then export to dvd again they look bad. any ideas? my system is pentium 4, 2-200 gig drives, 2- 80 gig drives, 2 gig of ram,



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    If the disc is an authored dvd (IE for playing in a set top player)We've always found that the best way to edit footage from DVD is to hook the dvd player up and literally play the dvd and capture the footage direct from the disc...

    We figured this would give us the highest quality you just have to watch for any skips on the DVD and recapture if necessary.

    Most cameras/DV decks will allow "pass through" of a composite signal...(IE connect the DVD player via composite cables to the camera/deck. then connect camera/deck to PC capture device via firewire.) If you have the camera in vcr mode I think most cameras will feed the picture through and allow you to capture the footage...

    Hope this helps...

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    I have a Sony DVD recorder with S-Video output to give higher quality pics than composite.

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