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Thread: Computer not picking up firewire connection anymore...

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    Default Computer not picking up firewire connection anymore...

    got my GS400 not long ago, shot some video and went to dump in on the computer via firewire. the computer wasnt detecting the connection at all (running windows XP). i tried connecting my older panasonic camera and it also wasnt detecting that. it was working a while ago....but now it aint.

    im thinkin its the firewire card and not drivers. IMO if it was drivers it would still detect the connection but not know what it is???

    i know you can capture with USB2 but Vegas doesnt like my USB2, so i just want my firewire working. got some very loose footage on the weekend from my mates 21st and im buggin to edit it into a movie.....

    any ideas?

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    first thing to try:
    Reinstall the driver

    that dont work:
    pull the card out , boot machine, shut down, put card back in, boot again

    If it's an onboard firewire port:
    reinstall driver or buy a firewire card.

    let us know how u get on.

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    well the camera didnt come with any drivers (not for firewire anyway, only the streaming USB, etc.). and some people have said XP have drivers installed in it for video cameras.

    firewire card drivers... hmm...good idea. will pull it out, re-install, etc. and get back to ya.

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    I'm sure you'll have thought of this, but just make sure you have the firewire device selected in your capture options.

    Vegas caught me out once with that.

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    What capture software are u using? Oh let me see, it wouldn't be Windows Movie Maker by any chance (just a wild guess). If it is, then go into the capture settings and as said earlier check to make sure the firewire/camera is being detected.

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