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Thread: Video output on my monitor

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    Default Video output on my monitor

    I have a strange problem. Video displays on my monitor in a wishy washy fashion (that's the best explanation that I can find!). I have tried all the settings on the monitor and have discounted this. I have tried running video from DVDs, my hard drive and over the web and these are all the same. The strange thing is that if I run the monitors in Adobe Premiere the video displays perfectly as it also does in preview mode in Adobe Encore.

    I rum Windows XP Home and have a reasonably powerful system on which I have been making video for 2 years. Suddenly this problem seems to have occured. Event Viewer gives me no message and device Manager shows no warnings.

    I am an amateur PC user but have been making video as a hobby for 4 years. I am not particularly technical and seem to be cursed this year (I had a hard disc failure 2 months ago and lost a load of good stuff!) Can anybody help?


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    Not sure what you mean by "wishy washy" :-/

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    Default Wishy washy video

    OK Thanks. Graphic card software was corrupted. Sorted now

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    Mike knows how to fix anything...

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    You could have sworn he's a sorceror :twisted:

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