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    I'm using Premiere 5.1 and until now have had DIVX5.0.3 as one of my compressor options, which I always use.

    I then downloaded the latest version of DIVX and 5.0.3 has disappeared from my options and I can't see any way to get DIV6 into Premiere as an option.

    If I can't get DIV6 in there, is it ok to use one of the others (eg Cinepak Codec) - would that affect quality or make it difficult for people to watch my videos?

    I'd really appreciate some help.

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    Default Compressors

    Replying to my own question - it looks as though DivX are aware of the problem and trying to come up with a solution.

    Hmm, wish I'd stuck with the old version!


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    Way to go Sharon. How efficient would this site be if everyone would just answer their own questions?


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