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Thread: Good Software Reccommendation?

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    Default Good Software Reccommendation?

    Hi. I am trying to get VHS onto DVD.

    I have it all the hardware working fine, but the software side is letting me down badly.

    I have used both Pinnacle Studio 9 and Ulead Video Studio 8 SE. Both are useless because they are full of bugs and crashes even after i patch them.

    I tried using Windows Movie Maker, but theres no way of capturing 30fps for DVD quality with the PAL hardware i have.

    I have also tried DVD lab studio. Its interface is quite poor. I do not want to learn the whole application just for making VHS to DVD digitisation.

    The internet is full of rubbish when it comes to searching for this information, so i ask you. Please, please, please reccommend me a piece of software that does the job.



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    "DVD Quality" is not 30fps. DVDs must either be in NTSC or PAL formant - PAL is 25fps and NTSC is 29.97fps. You say you have "PAL hardware", so I assume you're from Europ... in which case continue to use PAL in your final presentation.

    How much editing do you want to do and how fancy do you want your DVD (i.e do you want menus etc)?

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    Yes i am in Europe.

    Oh right, PAL can only be 25fps? Well then i think i need to re-attempt with my current software.

    I will try to capture with Pinnacle. It is only when i edit, that it starts to crash. Then, i can edit in Windows Movie Maker and Burn with Nero6 or Windows Media Encoder.

    Perhaps that will work.

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