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Thread: DVD±RW and Bundled S/W Editing Suite

  1. Default DVD±RW and Bundled S/W Editing Suite

    Ihave been using Windows Movie Maker for by video editor, but I dont have a DVD±RW. I was thinking of buying an External DVD±RW; or possibly replace my DVD-R internal drive.

    My PC is a AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2000+ 1.67GHz, 512 RAM
    (Graphics, Sound, LAN all on-board)

    But what sotfware is bundled with the DVD±RW, as many seem to offer a special edition (e.g. Nero SE etc), not the full program!

    My question is WIndows Movie Maker is at the low end and Premier Pro is too high for me. Also my DVD player does not play VCDs.

    I would like the software to be in one program rather than one program for streaming, one for editing and one for burning.

    Any suggestions please.

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    In my - limited, it has to be said - experience, it's rare to find a DVD authoring package bundled in with a DVD-RW drive, as opposed to a DVD writing package. I guess everyone wants to write to DVDs, but not everyone wants to author them... I'm probably wrong, though. Don't give up looking. (And, that said, a barebones DVD-RW with no software is generally a whole lot cheaper than a retail, boxed bundle).
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