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Thread: Does MyDVD's Fit-to-DVD feature even work? Disc capacity...

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    Default Does MyDVD's Fit-to-DVD feature even work? Disc capacity...

    Hi All!

    I know this isn't MyDVD support, but since they won't even bother to notice my ticket, I'm curious if anyone here has had any luck using their Fit-to-DVD feature? Or, perhaps someone can explain what my problem is in general perhaps. Here is the ticket I logged with them, using MyDVD 6 Deluxe. Thx in advance! Chet
    Originally logged issue on Sept. 8th 2005:

    Still trying to burn my first dual layer project with MyDVD 6.0 Deluxe. My original project was 8.05GB, and I was using the Fit-to-DVD option. While checking for disc capacity, it said it was too small. HOW CAN IT BE TOO SMALL IF I'M USING YOUR BIG SELLING FEATURE "FIT-TO-DVD"??? Anyway, I read something on knowledge base about capacities are usually lower on discs, so I deleted my slideshow anyway, resulting in a total project size of 7.84GB. AND still using "Fit-to-DVD", I got the same exact error again. Please see attached screenshot showing all of the settings, project size, and error.

    I've already trashed 2 dual layer discs using your software, and these aren't cheap! And considering your support has been incredibly slow, I was wondering how you manage to keep selling this product. I'm trying to be patient, but its getting old fast. Please restore my confidence!

    I called Desktop Support on September 27th, since nobody had replied to my issue yet. He told me to try a workaround by saving my project as a disc image, and then Copy>Burn Disc Image. This also FAILED due to capacity. It indicated that I was 299MB over.

    Either....1)your Fit-to-DVD feature does not work at all, or with dual layer discs, or 2) your software is not recognizing the full capacity of the 8.5GB DL disc, and only seeing less than 8GB of capacity at max.

    Therefore, based on my calculations, a project can only actually be 7.751GB, even though I'm using an 8.5GB disc with the Fit-to-DVD feature.

    WILL SOMEONE PLEASE LOOK AT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PS. I'm using Memorex DL burner with Memorex DL discs
    Dell Dimension 9100 - 2.8GHz Dual Core
    1GB Dual-Channel DDR2 SDRAM
    160GB SATA Hard Drive
    256MB ATI\'s RADEON X600 HyperMemory
    Integrated 7.1 Channel Audio (?)
    DL DVD Burner
    Dell 1905FP 19\" Ultrasharp
    XP Home SP2
    (just got August 5, 2005)

    Use MyDVD 6.0 Deluxe

    Used to edit and burn on Compaq Presario 933MHz, ha!

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    Sorry I cant be of more help with "fit to dvd" , nor can I understand how or why your problem is occuringbut Id suggest trying dvd2one...

    Ive always found this to be the best "dvd shrinking" app... Always worked spot on for me, menus,soundtracks and all...
    Im pretty sure their free trial is fully featured for a limited time...

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