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Thread: How to give a quote?

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    Default How to give a quote?

    I landed a wedding job, however... the wedding was 3 years ago. Im just going to get the raw footage and edit it. I have no idea if its professional footage or amature footage, or how long it is.
    I need to know how to come up with a quote just for editing and burning to DVD.

    I have about a full year of video editing experience, but no weddings. Any tips on how to make a good wedding video, and how to come up with a quote?


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    I know Marc does wedding stuff, he might chime in and give his opinion.

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    Don't quote until you've seen the raw footage and have a clear idea of what the customer requires. After that base it on a hourly rate x number of hours required, add on costs and quote. Don't reduce the quote if you think the quote looks expensive - you'll still end doing the same work!
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    Very good advice. Dont be afraid for quoting prices either. If you show confidence your client will have confidence in you.

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