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    Hi there!

    I have been using Pinnacle Studio 9 and have been using it for about a year now. I also downloaded the patch to bring it up to 9.4.3. One of my constant frustrations with this package is that it seems to 'crash' for no reason. Also I have had to save my work more regularly than normal. If I didn't I found that Studio 9 then said the files were invalid etc and I had to start from scratch.

    As I am looking to try and get more into video editing I am looking for a stable software package. A friend has Adobe Premiere 6.0 but I have found it extremely difficult to use and learn. After reading reviews I notice that Liquid Edition seems to have favourable comments.

    So my question it worth purchasing Pinnacle Liquid Edition or wait for Pinnacle Studio 10 to come out (which apparently is supposed to be a more stable piece of software!!!), or is there a better package available?

    Any advice will be much appreciated.

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    Apparently from the reviews I've read Studio 10 is based around the liquid engine so as you say will be supposedly more stable.

    therefore if you get on ok with the studio interface and know your way around the package it may well be worth waiting for Studio 10 as I've heard the liquid edition can be a steep learning curve as well.

    BUt if you want to go down the liquid route there is an upgrade path from studio to liquid which is cheaper than buying the full product.

    a saving of about 120

    Myself I've not had any real problems with studio crashing and I'm on the 9.4.3 patch as well, it may be worth going through the support user forum on the pinnacle site to see if there is anyone that could help you further.

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    I own both Liquid Edition 6.1 and Studio 9+ which on my system is actually very stable. I do have a multiboot system with 3 ( separate)Windows xp pros though ,so Liquid Edition and Studio are on different Windows Partitions.
    As previously stated Edition is very stable but requires a higher spec PC than Studio and can ( initially) look and feel pretty daunting coming from Studio.
    If your reason to upgrade is stability and stability only, wait for Studio 10 which is partly based on Edition engine. Uleads Video Studio 8 and 9 are relatively stable but the interface is ... hmmm. OK.. takes some getting used to after Studio . However they have thier own devotees.
    Now Edition.. I use both Edition and Studio depending on ( my mood) Seriouly I just do simple edits in Studio and keep the fancy stuff for LE. If you wish to try out Edition feel free to pm me for tutorials software. Edition does not look, does not feel like, and is capable of fantastic end results compared to Studio. Key framing is a feature of edition that sets it a world apart from studio. Like Adobe Premiere etc, you can play with several video / audio tracks but far more crucial is your ability to control many of the effects to do exactly what you want to achieve unique results. This power thoiugh, comes at the expense of a speedy PC and the sttep learning curve to actually Learn Edition . While Studio does transitons ( fades etc ) automatically for you. in Edition you will need to make sure there is enough outgoing material ( and incoming) to make a effective transition. If you do crack edition though, ( as you no doubt can !!)you will certainly have a ( very) warm buzz of achievment because it is capable of very polished results the sort of which you would be hard pressed to achieve with Studio.
    For simple edits though , nobody would know which program edited what.
    Good luck
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    I have Studio 9 and i have to save every time i make a change - its really that bad (nearly Unusable)
    So im holding out for 10, its released soon (this month)
    so i will be upgrading to 10 straight away.
    My advice is.

    YOu are used to Studio, you probably know all of the shortcuts and you can through a film together quickly.

    Change software and its a sharp learning curve, more times you will end up going back to Studio to do something as you allready know how Studio works,
    Im looking forward to 10
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