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    I read your guide "Record digital video from your PC to VCR". I have an Nvidia graphics GeForce FX 5200 card but it doesn't have a TV out connection. I do have a Hauppauge PCI TV card. I've sorted the cable connections from my PC TV card to my VCR but not the software side. Is there any chance that TV Tool will work with my Hauppauge card? If not can you recommend software that will?

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    Its my understanding that the Hauppauge PCI TV cards have video-in connections only. I may be wrong, buy I don't think they have the facility to output video.
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    Default Digital to analogue software

    Thankyou for your previous advice about the Hauppauge TV Card. You are correct. However all is not lost because when I received my new computer I found out it has a TV Out interface. The card is a Nvidia Geforce FX 5200. I have set up my TV and video as you explain in your guide.

    I have an s-video output from the card, I have connected a converter to composite. I have then connected the composite cable to my video in. I have also connected the sound cables to my sound card. The TV and video are connected through a scart cable.

    I've downloaded and installed the TVtool software.

    The result after much time spent finding and changing options and reading various HELP documents is as follows

    The software recognises the card correctly in the config as

    Nvidia Geforce FX 5200, ID:0322
    TVChip MV(internal) Duel Head Yes Driver 45.33

    On the Mode screen

    TV format is greyed out.

    Resolution is 800x600 - I've tried others but to no avail

    My properties are

    Head1 TV - res 800x600 color depth 32 bit
    Head2 DVI - res 1280x 1024 - recommended for the LCD monitor
    Color depth 32 bit

    Nview tab

    Both digital monitor and TV are ticked green in both modes.

    I've set all 4 nview options.

    I've tried different combinations of entertainment mode - it doesn't seem to make any difference.

    My TV has a picture when I boot up exactly the same as my monitor including colour.

    When I go into Windows XP Pro the colour disappears and the TV shows the desktop in black & white, although at one point it did show color.

    When I play a video in windows media player I get the sound from the TV but the desktop remains on the TV screen. I also managed to capture the sound on video but no picture.

    I followed instructions to go into properties from right clicking on the desktop, then settings, secondary device, advanced, Geforce FX 5200, Device selection. I thought I was home and dry but all the monitor setting options were greyed out.

    Please tell me how I can set this monitor up so that it is a TV PAL, Composite output.

    From a tired and frustrated


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