Hi Guys,

I need some help with Premiere Pro. Have searched other threads but can't find an answer.

I have been using Premiere 6 for capturing and editing. I have given some of my footage to a friend who uses Premiere Pro. When viewing the footage in Windows Media Player or Premiere 6 it looks fine but when we view it through Premiere Pro it is extremely distorted.

I have checked all the settings in Premiere Pro and they appear to be correct. (Using an old Panasonic NV-DX100 - Standard PAL)

Image Size - 720 X 576 (4:3)
Pixel Depth - 32
Time base - 25 fps
Display Format - 25 fps Timecode
Audio - 48000 Hz
Pixel Aspect Ratio - D1/DVPAL (1.067)
Fields - Lower Fields First

I have tried modifying the above settings with no success. Can someone please point us in the right direction.