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Thread: Multi Masking Problem in Vegas 6

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    Default Multi Masking Problem in Vegas 6

    i am using vegas 6 . i need multi mask effects on a clip but i can't apply two mask effects at once on a clip i mean if i want to mask the left bottom corner of the clip but i want also mask on right corner but when i applied the 1st mask to left its mean whole screen is black but not the left bottom corner so i applied the 2nd mask to right corner of the clip but can't apply coz the 1st mask hav its dark side on there its i mean it already dark by the 1st mask so what can i do for apply the multi mask ?


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    not any reply ??? c'mon... :(

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    I've fond vegas to be a bit poor with masking. Simple masks ar ok but anything compolex i use after effects.

    One solution to your problem is to use multiple layers of the same videoone mask on each layer.

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