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Thread: Copy, burn or ? large .avi file

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    I couldn't find any useful answers therefore asking these questions.
    I captured a DV tape to HDD and need to give captured material to a friend of mine for editing and using in his movie. What's the best/simplest way:
    a) create a dvd
    b) copy the file onto dvds (file size is 9.5GB)

    If I use b) how do I do it?
    Maybe there're more options?
    Thanks in advance.


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    id say the easiest way to transport that amount of data is - pull the disk out of the machine and bring that over to ya mate. - Easier than burning 3dvd's

    Well I've done it this way before only that time it was 79Gb of data - alt buy a firewire drive and bring that instead

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    e-mail it and take down ur e-mail server

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    Im with mark on this one...(again sorry!) Ive always found just taking the harddrive is easiest...

    Although you can literally unplug your current drive and plug it in to your mates PC, With the cost of harddrives ridiculously low at the moment id buy a drive from a reputable supplier and an external case cheap off ebay... and make yourself an external drive. (they do some really sexy cases now!) Then if ever you need to do the same thing you'll have your drive there...(And you can NEVER have too much harddrive space!!!)

    If your not too happy on removing/installing harddrives in a PC then either google it or drop me a PM and I should be able to help.

    If this isnt an option for whatever reason you would need to drop the clip onto the timeline and export 3 shorter (smaller) avis and burn each 1 to a seperate DVD. (I think there are some avi splitters available although Id just use prem myself...)

    Let us know how you get on

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