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Thread: Burn CD for DVD Player

  1. Default Burn CD for DVD Player

    Just finished my first movie using Windows Movie Maker, but cant seem to burn it to CD in a format suitable for a domestic DVD player.

    When I opt for Save to CD in the Finish Movie option it reports that a Recordable CD drive not detected.

    When I saved to disk and then burn a CD using Nero the CD does not play in my DVD player.

    Any suggests please, or do I need to move away from Windows Movie Maker.


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    I think it is probably more likely that your DVD Player does not support the VCD format.

    You can check compatibility at

    Good Luck

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  3. Default Samsung P140 It seems No for VCD

    Can I play this VCD on my PC?

    The I generated the CD on runs it via Windows Media Player, but on a Windows 2000 PC, I cant find anything to play this VCD.

    I feel I should get a DVD writer soon.

    Any suggestions?

    Note I burn the VCD via Nero Express and opted for Video files. I started with a large 2G .avi file generated by Windows Movie Maker and ended up with a 98 Mb collections of files on the VCD.

    Anyone got an overview of video files types and there use.

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    AFAIK, Windows Movie Maker doesn't output MPEG. Therefore you won't be able to output a disc playable in most DVD standalone players directly from Windows Movie Maker. You will need to output your video to DV AVI in WMM, then use this to author a DVD or VCD.

  5. Default Can Samsung P140 Play VCDs

    I completed my first movie (in Windows Movie Maker) and burnt it to a VCD via Nero Express. Did not play on my Samsung P140 DVD player

    I then converted a .WMV file to .MPEG and burnt another CD, still did not play.

    Do I need to get a DVD writer?

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