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Thread: Cutting MPEG-4 w. Ulead9

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    Default Cutting MPEG-4 w. Ulead9

    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum and editing in general.

    I have some TV sports-shows recorded with ATI VCR in MPEG-4 to my drive from a TV-card. Now I just wanted to cut some commercials from the clips. This is just some rough hacking together, nothing past a small transition here and there.

    Now the problem I have, is when I split the original clip (into 'keep' and 'dump' parts), all parts following the first in the timeline appear black. After exporting, these parts also play-back black, while the sound-track sound ok.

    I'm baffled, could anyone give me a hint?


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    What format are the captured files in? And what are your project settings?


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    The tracks were recorded in MPEG-4 (the VCR program says "format: Microsoft AVI - Open DML"), and have 49 P-Frames per I-frame, no B-frames. Audio is 32kHz,16bit,mono. Output format should allow creation of a low to medium bitrate DVD.

    I simply selected record to MPEG4 for the quality vs file size. I didn't know that it is such a bugger to work with. Are there any more modern alternatives
    to MPEG2 as a recording format that still allow good editing?

    All my more recent recordings have been done in DVD-quality MPEG2 and there are no problems editing this, but the file sizes are more than double.

    Thanks for any input!

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