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Thread: Custom milled aluminum Camcorder Grip/Handle

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    Default Custom milled aluminum Camcorder Grip/Handle

    Hi all,
    just wanted to let you know :
    I made this prototype handle for my Panasonic GS400.
    Just wanted your input and comments before i finalise it. (add 3 shoes on the front + 1/4" holes + anodising)

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    Maybe it's the foreshortening of the camera angle, but the handle (although looking bloody sleek) doesn't look too ergonomic.

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    Personally I'd like to see more photos from all angles.

    Clearly the handle blocks access to the viewfinder. I'm not familiar with the camera so presumably it has a flip up/out monitor. Can we see it with that open?

    Also, where does the battery fit? If it's at the back (like my cameras) then will you have to take the handle off to change to a spare batter?

    Are you aiming to film skateboarding? Just a guess

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    Thumbs up low cost aluminum version

    check out the low cost versions on ebay by searching camcorder grip or video camera grip.

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