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Thread: No-budget Berlin documentary needs footage. Can you help?

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    Default No-budget Berlin documentary needs footage. Can you help?

    I'm currently making a no-budget documentary about life in East Germany called 'My DDR T-Shirt'

    I've got about 14 hours of video and some great interviews to piece together but I'm also looking for other sources. Things like archive news footage or photographs of Berlin before the wall came down, Trabants driving through East Berlin, checkpoints, border guards or the night the Wall came down.

    Does anybody know of any royalty free archives?

    I'm also interested in amateur film/home movies and photography from East Germany.
    Do you have any old holiday snaps? Or any old camcorder footage of East Germany?

    It doesn't have to be spectacular or dramatic, just anything that's typically DDR/GDR.

    I'm totally self-funded so can't afford big licence fees. But if I use anything of yours, I will credit you in the final film and on my website.

    To find out more about the project visit or for other things I've done visit
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    Interesting project.

    I have to say from the off that I don't have any material other than some pics taken in East Berlin with friends etc in them, so not much use I expect.

    I went in 1983, went through checkpoint charlie, visited the `sights` etc. Very strange place. I remember buildings still with bullet holes from ww2 and one derelect place with a full size tree growing through the non existent roof. Also very odd because west Berlin was all smoked glass and neon and east Berlin was grey paint and empty shop windows.

    I would love to see the finished movie. Please keep us posted of progress.

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