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Thread: Star Wars & Star Trek takes... learning all the time!

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    Default Star Wars & Star Trek takes... learning all the time!

    Hi all, this is my first post here. Thanks to a few forgotten free tutorial sites, and of course wrigley videos premiere tutorials, I was able to have a go at some effects. I really enjoyed doing these, and have actually purchased a mini dv camera so I can do better quality stuff. If you'd let me know what you think, I'd really appreciate it.

    View movies here:

    Kind regards,


    p.s. If anyone knows of a better method of sharing clips let me know.
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    Default Download the file, don't play it.

    I believe you might get errors if playing the file from streamload... just download it I get over a gigabyte per month... and never use it. I think that 300 people or so could watch my clips before we get to the Gigabye mark... so no worries!

    Aim for the moon, if you miss... you\'ll eventually hit a star.

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    downed episode 7

    very good a shame that the action wasnt a bit longer :(
    got me all hyped up, but it was a good fun clip, enjoyed it
    Live from Norwich !

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    Heh heh heh, Iliked that.

    Unless it's a comic schtick, you don't have to list yourself for everything in the credits. Just say Everything: Craig.

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    that was good! as big bad... says you need to put the cast and then say "technical stuff-Craig"

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    Default Awww, thanks lads.

    Yeah, thanks for the tips. The credit section was largely for family and friends... they thought it was funny... I can understand outsiders not finding it so humouress. And the part about the solar powered boat (in the credits as well) might confuse people as well... And for your information it was an RC boat (radio controlled) and worked really well before sinking (to be recovered later). In hindsight it would have made a "splash" as a documentary piece (hehehe).

    The crew and I are getting ready for a much larger production... with a 3CCD minidv camera. I'll be after some helpful thoughts when I post that... no hints as to what the theme will be though.

    We've decided on a culture that we wish to stick with for our amature shoots... being;

    1) No dialog. Possibly a narrator at times. - We believe this will help us avoid generating a narrow scope/niche' theme amongst takes.
    2) All story lines to have a fixation/climax/central purpose. - We aren't creative enough to point out life's idiosyncrasies in an interesting way, as some people have managed on here.
    3) Tactful humour. - what's t.v. without a laugh?
    4) And to continually take us out of our comfort zone with camera & editing etc.

    We have heaps to learn!
    Aim for the moon, if you miss... you\'ll eventually hit a star.

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