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Thread: newbie here, advice about specific software capabilities?

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    Default newbie here, advice about specific software capabilities?

    I'm looking for some help that I'm sure is out there.

    I'm a research doctor for kids with a rare neurologic problem that affects the ability to move the eyes. I'd like to be able to time exactly how long it takes kids do a specific task that I have on video (converted to .mpg files by Pinnacle). The task to be measured is the time necessary for kids to begin to move their eyes to an object that is off to one or the other side after I say "GO!" (or some such). For most kids, that's a very short time - much less than a person can capture with a stopwatch reviewing the video at regular speed.

    What I'd like to have is a software package that will display the sound on one strip - sort of like Pinnacle does - but one where I can expand the scale so that I can see lower volume noises, which my version of Pinnacle Studio, (Version 8.12), can't do. It would also be cool if I could have the sound enabled, so I could hear the (very low pitch, "...GGGGGGOOOOOO...") at whatever slow speed I'm running it at. I also need to be able to advance the video, frame by frame, until I see the eyes begin to move to the target (I've got the video very close, and the images are quite good for that purpose). I also need an on screen timer with at least hundreths of a second, to assess the time between those two events.

    I haven't been successful in getting this information from individual vendors' Websites. Maybe i don't know how to ask the questions correctly. Does anyone know what software package (hopefully not too expensive...) can do this?

    Thanks, and much obliged that you've taken the time to ponder this.

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    Vegas 6 will do all that.

    With the audio you'll have to watch the wave form ti see where you say go. Make sure that when you shoot it that there is as little backgrund noise as possible so it will be easier to spot the start of the "GO"

    YOu can download the demo here:

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    Adobe Ppro will do that

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