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Thread: Premiere Pro1,5 transparent effect and move

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    Default Premiere Pro1,5 transparent effect and move

    Hi every body,

    i try to do something in Premiere Pro 1,5 and now im in problem. I wanted to create several titles rolling from right to left side of monitor but when i used 4 or more titles they starts jerk. Ok i find how i can go round this problem i imported desired text from photoshop as a layer and animate moving manualy. But now i have problem whit effect track matte key - i wanted the text begin transparen near of site monitor (become disapear) in first time (title designer) i aplay track matte key to text video and create some gradient in photoshop and import as new video. And it works but the text jerk in moveing. If i make the same on video layer wiht manualy animated moving (2nd solution) the gradient bekomes fixed to this layer and they move together. could some help me? what i do bad?

    thanx for help ce.em.el

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    Sounds like you need to key fram the opacity

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    Default opacty

    thaks for help but it is not exactly i need. i want the object (it dont depent it is moving video or picture) when it moves like to go out from screen it becomes transparent only in a par near border (cca 4 cm) and par which is in midle of screen is 100% opaque.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ce.em.el

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    Make a thing in photo shop and keyframe that i think i no what you mean and when i got a spare moment i mite make what i think you mean!

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    Default move video with track matte key

    Hi LukeD,

    thanks for help.

    here is more ways how to describe my problem

    - I would like know how I can animate object(imported layers) or video with applied filtter track mate key but the key not move with object (the imported object are larger than video frame). - i would like key be transparent and be possible to see videolayers under them.

    -¨When i use more than one piece title wiht applied crawl effect (start and end off screen), moving of titles in final avi is not smooth. Its reason why i made text as layer from photoshop. i dont know why but it locks better. But now i have problem to use efect i dessired. i try to describe - the titles should crawl right to left and near border of screen become transparent, but the text is too long for use keyng transparancy...i hope it now achieve this i used track matte key and a gradient layer.
    if i apply same track matte key to manualy animated moving layer imported from photoshop, the matte key layer move with moving layer together... and i dont want this....

    i try to make a avatar like effect i need, but 6kb its realy small...

    im sorry for my english

    thaks for advice


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