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Thread: FEAR. The new weapon against freedom.

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    Default FEAR. The new weapon against freedom.

    Hello again,
    I started using the video hosting site called
    They allow up to 10 MB uploads and give you a homepage to list your videos. It is totally free and very easy.
    So far I have posted three of my video creations there.
    The first is called CELESTIAL FIREWORKS wmv.
    Second is FEAR wmv.
    And my newest creation using my self created music is called MARTIAN DEVILS wmv. :twisted:
    Take a look.
    I have several others that I will be posting soon.
    Thanks for watching.

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    Very good videos. I suppose your a big Rush fan. They're great. I was wondering where did you get all your video clips you used for these? Are they from some stock video site?

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    Default Images

    Thanks for the review,
    Most of the images I used for CELESTIAL FIREWORKS came from NASA's
    Solar Observatory. They have several satellites trained on the Sun constantly. Here's the link to all the cool stuff from them:
    As far as the images for FEAR. It was a major internet quest through a lot of 9/11 and Afgan war sites.
    The Martian Devil GIF animations are here at the NASA Rover site:
    Take a look, these sites are Very interesting.
    Thanks again for the review and question. :mrgreen:

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