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Thread: Switched from 6.5 to Pro and I need just a little help.

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    Default Switched from 6.5 to Pro and I need just a little help.

    Ok, yes, I am a newb to Pro 1.5, I had 6.5 for awhile and I loved it, then my computer got screwed up and now I have Pro 1.5, anyway in 6.5 I believe (I might not remember this entirely correctly) that I could use the Cross Fade transition and place it in a different section then the video 1 section. I then could shorten it up so it appeared on the video almost as a flash of black. I was wondering how I could recreate that flash of black in Pro 1.5 because I must not remember this right. Also a way to make a flash of white, if possible. It would be greatly appreciated.

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    Transitions can only be placed at the end of a track. If you want to dip to black, you can do 1 of 3 things:

    1) make sure there is a gap between your two clips, then place the cross disolve at the end of the first clip. This will fade to black. You can then move the start of the transition towards the end of the clip to make it shorter

    2) drop the dip to black transition between two clips

    3) key frame opacity

    To dip to white:

    1) create a white matte by File > New > Color Matte
    2) Type FFFFFF in the bottom box next to #
    3) call it "white"
    4) drop this below your clip in the timeline with keyframed opacity


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