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Thread: Trouble with Adobe Encore 1.5, Anyone can help?

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    Default Trouble with Adobe Encore 1.5, Anyone can help?

    We are building a catalogue and everything goes fine until we include more than 32 videos in the project. Links start to go wrong and everything stops functioning. If we include 32 videos or less - No Problem!
    Does anyboy know anything about this problem? Thanks in advance.

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    hi my name is henry i have the same problem since you posted here. still no answers. thank you in advance for your colaboration. see you in la cala.

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    Maybe its your sytems cant cope! my Encore works fine

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    how is the menu of videos structured? - If its one menu with 32+ buttons I can imagine any software would start to have probs? Or is it broken down ito separate menus grouping similar videos?

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    it has separated menus.First with 3 buttons and the rest in differents pages. it is a catalogue so, we have over 300 technical sheets and 63 with video. the time we put only 33 some other links (nothing to do with the last video we put) start to go wrong. I donŽt think its the system. Encore is running on a pIV 3,2 ghz. with 2 Gb. ddr ram and 2 hd of 160 gb. sata each, ati radeon, pinacle studio av/dv for captures.
    any help would appreciated. thanks in advance.

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    I can't remember the exact numbers but there is a limit to the total size the menu system can take on a DVD. Maybe you are hitting that limit.

    As a test, maybe, try creating your 32 timelines in Encore and then have less menu pages i.e. one, with a play all button. No need to produce an actual DVD, you can just create the DVD folder. If that works then progress up until you hit the limit.

    Just a guess but worth a try. If I find anything else then I'll chip in some more.

    Edit: Just looked it up. Page 194 of the Encore 1.5 manual tells us that the limit for menu sizes is 1 Gb per class. A gig is quite a lot so maybe it;s not that then. Oh well.

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    ok i will try. if i find solution with your answer iŽll let you know. thank you very much.

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