Hi all,
I just received a brand new Sony DCR-HC42E today and despite being very happy with its looks, I am disappointed that when I am recording, a fairly noticable buzzing, almost like a whine comes from somewhere around the battery. This continous buzzing increases when I rotate the camera 90 degrees to either the left or right from the normal upright position again while recording. On playing the recording on TV, some amount of the buzzing noise seems to be a part of the background noise in the recording, though I suppose it should be noted that I performed all these tests late at night when it was very quiet in the house. Finally, the standby, play/edit and camera memory modes seem to have a much reduced buzz that sounds more acceptable.

What I need to know is whether I have a faulty camera that I should return for a replacement. Is this buzzing normal for camcorders, especially the Sony DCR-HC42Es. If anyone has this model please can you let me know if you have noticed this problem at all. The most concerning thing about this is my wife and I are going on holiday in a week and bought this camera specifically for that purpose. So any help that anyone can be provided with this problem will be greatly appreciated.

I look forward to your replies.



PS: I have heard about the DCR-HC40's having something similar but do not know if it is the same