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    I'm worling with premiere pro and i'm trying to rotate a kind of circle/star but my anchor point is set to a place that i don't want to. I want it to be right in the midle of the circle. I've already tryed to put it in the right place (in the effects controls) but it's very difficult to put it right in the midle.. Is there a easier way to do this? (without After Effects..)


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    Ok.. another information: the file i'm working with (photoshop file) it's not centered in the canvas... perhaps if it's centred it's better to set the anchor point right in the middle??

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    Ok, i've just figured it out!!!

    Thanks anyway..

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    Glad you got it sorted, shame we couldn't help you

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    It's so nice to post and reply to myself... a lil schizophrenic.. but it's ok!

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