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Thread: Please suggest where Premiere 6.5 for Mac can be bought

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    Default Please suggest where Premiere 6.5 for Mac can be bought

    I teach FC Express HD and Premiere 6.5 on Macs at a university.
    A student pointed out to me that Premiere 6.5 for MACs is no longer available. Since I have a PC at home and use Premiere Pro 1.5, I had no idea that Adobe stopped making Premiere 6.5 for Mac.
    If anyone can direct me to a site or source where I may in turn direct students wishing to purchase Premiere 6.5 for Mac, I would be most appreciative,

    Thanks in advance
    Please E-Mail me at

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    I'm sure you could get it from eBay.

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    Default RE; Try E-Bay

    One student did find a copy(For $99) that way already and we will be monitoring the site.

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