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Thread: How to create an empty/blank AVI file without sound?

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    Default How to create an empty/blank AVI file without sound?

    Hi, all!

    I'm looking to create a blank/mute AVI file that's just a black screen with no audio, and that's less than 1 second long, ideally 0.1 or 0.2 seconds.

    I'm doing this to create a simple mod, where all the unskippable intro movies in the game MVP Baseball 2005 are replaced by this short mute blank file that's only 0.1/2 seconds long.

    Seeing how the game plays three unskippable movies consecutively that are around ~5 seconds long, this mod would be such a relief to have.

    Anyway, the AVI file's metadata has to be:

    • Resolution: 640x480
    • Aspect Ratio: 4:3
    • FPS: 25

    The only thing missing is the duration, which is, as I said preferably 0.1 or 0.2 seconds long.

    The in-game files are in VP6 extension, that is, they use the On2's VP60 video codec, and I did manage to find a way how to compress AVI files using that codec, so the only thing remaining is to create an actual AVI file that I will convert to VP6.

    Now, I did manage to find a blank AVI file from someone on (here), but the problem is that file is 5 seconds long, and I couldn't manage to find a way on how to trim AVI files, without them being corrupted or changing extensions.

    So I can do this in two ways:

    Either I find a way to trim this 5-seconds AVI video file that I downloaded, or I create a new AVI file with my specified length, and properties, and compress it using On2's VP6 codec using VirtualDub

    I think I would prefer the latter option, as I believe it is less complex than the former one.

    So, does anyone know how can I achieve this? What software would I need to use, and how could I create such a file?

    Thanks in forward!

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    I think any modern editor can do that as long as it can output to the format you need. Just add a black still on the timeline and set the duration of it to one frame and then render.
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    I could probably make that for you.

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