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Thread: Street Life Racing vol.1 trailer- my first film

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    Default Street Life Racing vol.1 trailer- my first film

    I have just finished my first film
    It's called Street Life Racing Vol.1

    This film takes place in Chicago,IL and captures the weekly illegal street racing that goes on every Friday and Saturday

    I would like to ask everyone what they think of the trailer I uploaded at

    View Preview

    I would post the link where you could buy it but i don't want this to be post to be spam

    but if your interested in it

    email me at

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    As a trailer I really think yous should have much more IMPACT. I love the subject, but even I almost closed the video before it finished .

    You must have a LOAD of footage you can use, and a prime example is the shot you used at the end. That particular shot is screaming out to be used at the start.

    You also clearly have a sense of humour (from the warning at the start) - try and get that accross more in the trailer. Remember this is a showcase of your video and needs to give that *wow factor.

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    imma make a couple more trailers for the video

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    As above , keep it fast paced, keep the shots quick and too the point.

    Dont linger on one person too long, that banter at teh end could have been cut down shorter and had better impact on the outcome

    Get in closer to the things going on, seeing something on film taken from a distance makes the person feel he / she is watching from a distance and not In THere with the action

    Great work, would like to see more
    Live from Norwich !

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    Thanks you guys really know how to give advice I love this website

    some sites just say pointless things

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    I agree with all of the above. It's nearly there, just needs tighter cuts and more variety in the shots. Yes, the shouting goes on far too long too.

    But, I really liked the effect you used with the motor bike. Tasty.

    EDIT - Next time, stand behind the guy who starts the cars off...that would be a great shot!

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    thanks yeah. i was doing that put i keep getting smoke in my face

    and it's hard to back up because then people will jump in front of me

    I've made a lot friends where these races go on so next year when they start up again I should have like 20-30 people helping me get this footage

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