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    Hello all!

    I'm just back from a beautifull trip out of South America. And I took my SJCam M20 (verry small screen) with me to record some footages of the beautifull places I wanted to visit.

    Unfortunatelly... I now see that after some time somehow the "timestamp" option got activated on the camera. And it's showing me a timestamp on 3 of the 9 SD-Cards (so a lot).
    It wasn't verry noticeable on the small screen of the camera itself. But it's verry clear (and annoying) watching the videos on my laptop right now back at home. And even more annoying is that the camera always had problems keeping the exact date and time after battery change. So the timestamp is even showing some wrong dates of 2016. I'm actually quite sick of this now...


    I was wondering if people know some great software to remove this kind of timestamps (in the lower left corner of the video) without degrading much of the video quality (1080P).

    Probably the only posibility is cropping? But if so, does annyone knows some great, easy and fast software to doe so, without changing much of the video quality. I would like to keep it 1080P because of future editing.

    Or are there some great (free) editing tools out there to blur out or maybe somekind of "magic brush tool" to remove such things as timestamps, without changing the resolution at all?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I'd just go for cropping. It's possible to do it more sophisticated with e.g. content aware fill in After Effects but the time it takes wouldn't weigh up to the results.
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