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    This is my first video and was filmed and edited within' a day. The title says it's a car advert, but it's really just shots of a car bein' driven around the country side. Not very imaginative I know, but i've only just bought a digital camera and wanted to test it out with my editing software (power director 4). Due to the limited capacity on my camera, the video is only 43 seconds long, but any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks

    (it takes a few mins to load on broadband)

    Oh, and here are the specs for my camera...

    5.0 Megapixels
    12x Zoom, Optical 3x

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    ok.Liked it but didnt like the first bit were you put the pedal unrelstic because u can see the open dorr
    other wise good

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    I quite often start my car with the door open

    Filming inside a car has to be one of the hardest shots without stabilisation. To get smooth shots you need suction mounts (for moving shots) and cranes (for static shots unless it's on wheels, with an engine).

    That aside, nice work. My only comments would be from a style point you could edit a bit tighter to the music. That is to say the music could have been anything...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marc Peters
    ...and cranes for static shots unless it's on wheels, with an engine....
    Now THERES an idea...Maybe time to chop the roof off my Range Rover...

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