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    I'm new to all this video editing and have been perceivering with Premiere 6.5 and now have some projects that I am reasonably happy with (for a bigginer anyway :o)

    Anyway I digress....I am trying to output my masterpieces onto DVD and have used Adobes MPEG encoder to export into seperate WAV and MPEG files. The Adobe package that came with my Sony Laptop seems to think that I have DVDit! lurking someware in here and that it will automatically send it to that file but I don't seem to have it installed. So I was looking for another way to author my creations and stumbled on this excellent site.

    On brousing the old posts Marc P referred to the "" site so I thought this was the one for me and nipped across to check it out.

    I went to download the latest version (is this correct?) and the server stopped me from downloading due to me not sending a refferer_document???? I was not using a download manager and all the brouser settings are as default.

    I know this isn't the place to ask such a daft question but I'm new to a this IT minefield and only bought my laptop to start video editing and I really don't know where else to ask.

    Thankyou for any assistance that you can give me, and again I appologise for such a silly question.


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    Try downloading it from this page:

    It's right at the very bottom.
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    Thanks for the reply Marc, I've just got back from abroad so it took a while to pick up. I cannot download from that link either...strange??? I did download ulead's moviemaker demo and thats working fine. So I'll stick with that at the moment.

    It won't recognise the WAV files created by Adobes encoder so in the end I exported it using Microsofts DV compressor and Uleads moviemaker had to re-encode it???

    I think I need to lurk a bit longer on these forums and try to decipher what on earth it's all about :o)

    Thanks again

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    Try clearing your temporary internet files.
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