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Thread: Optical flow test on FCP and Davinci

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    Default Optical flow test on FCP and Davinci

    Im testing software to see whats good for me. As im getting back in to video
    Testing Final Cit Pro and Davinci Resolve (similar price point)

    Question about optical Flow and anyone else experience

    Im just testing retiming a 60 (59.94)fps clip (2720 res) to 25% with optical flow in both FCP (latest ed) and Davinci resolve 17
    I might be doing something wrong, but any thoughts would be really helpful here.
    Both timelines are set to 25fps, and finally exported at 1080p 25fps

    The FCP video isn't as smooth as the davinci version.
    Is it just a case of the optical flow in FCP isn't as clever? Davinci is very smooth in my example (its not perfect around some edges as expected)
    Maybe im doing something wrong or missing something? Has anyone else got any experience on this?
    Im leaning towards buying FCP but a really like to retime some footage with optical flow for lovely smooth shots below 25 frames.

    Thanks for the help and all opinions welcome

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mreco99 View Post
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    Can't help I'm afraid. I use Resolve Studio and hence their Optical Flow, but I can't seem to get FCP to run on my WIndows PC

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