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    Hi Everyone
    My daughter started piano lessons last year. Her teacher and I have started to put together a video series based on the lessons in the book TUNES FOR TEN FINGERS. The aim of these videos is to provide an aide mémoir for the child and supervising parent, following their lesson. It is not designed for purely online learning. It is expected that the child will read the notes from the book and play as per their teacher’s instructions and not just copy the finger movements on the video.

    The main features of the videos are:
    1. Short and to the point. No distracting elements.
    2. Focused to show only the range of keys used.
    3. Played slowly so that the child can follow.

    The video was filmed on a Canon R6 with the in camera microphone. I edited the video on VSDC: brightness, contrast and colour correction. The audio was exported to Audacity with the following alterations done: noise reduction, click removal and normalise. There is an annoying hot spot on one of the left white keys. IÂ’d appreciate your feedback. We will hopefully do series 2 soon. Please see the below link for an example of our video.

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