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Thread: Setting my DjiOsmo Action for editing later - What settings to use

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    Default Setting my DjiOsmo Action for editing later - What settings to use

    Objective: Recording for edit and playback on 1080 or 2k video playback at a later time.

    BackGround: I plan to travel with my bicycle and OSMO Action mounted in front. (will be fairly bumpy) Setting up the best capture settings so i can edit and crop the video segments later

    Question: What setting and resolution should i record in so that i can edit the recordings at a later time - Resolution 2k ? FPS 25/30/60 ? RS=ON AWB=??? Color=??? ISO=auto

    Thanks in advance

    p.s. I was recording in 2k-60fps and 1080-30fps - cut and merge several videos = videos playback seems fast but audio is ok

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    If you want to playback on 1080 but you also want the ability to crop the frame you should probably chose either 4K (16:9) – 60FPS or 4K HDR 30FPS.
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