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Thread: Please help me- can you view my work and give me pointers

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    Default Please help me- can you view my work and give me pointers

    Hi there please can you view my work and let me know how I can improve.

    Just started making these clips to help me with my mental health.

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    Nice videos. Try to change the thumbnails and enhance the descriptions if possible. Thumbnails play a major role in attracting viewers.

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    No idea as I've no idea what would be "better" in terms of helping with mental health. I found some of the music in the few bits I looked at rather annoying so that wouldn't help me sleep

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    Great work. Thumbnails can be more intent.

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    I think Rob Jackson's 'Moodscaper' iPad app would be an enormous benefit to your videos, which I think are very good indeed.

    Cheers - J

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