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Thread: How to work with someone else's video and overlay it?

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    Default How to work with someone else's video and overlay it?

    I'd like to take snapshots of video (with its audio) from the TV and internet - excerpts of programs, famous speeches etc - and overlay them with text boxes, for use in training workshops. I was thinking of using Movai Video Editor to do this, keeping it really simple. Two questions - what tool would you recommend? And how do I capture the video from the TV/internet to start with?
    (upon posting I see I'm being described as a "Windows Movie Maker" - I'm actually on a Mac, I'll see how I can change that).

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    Hi Laurie, grabbing Tv clips was quite simple in the “ old days” not sure how you would do it now.. but I’m interested in learning.
    Grabbing clips from YouTube is simple enough if that avenue is of any use
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    Hi Enc, how do you grab clips from Youtube to then work on them? In the old days, I remember right clicking and saving the video or picture to do things with on news sites and other web pages (not YouTube). Now there's not the option. Thanks.

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    There's websites, however note that it is against youtube's terms and agreements so you will be doing something illegal. Some famous speeches are in the public domain and are available though sources like the internet archive: (currently times out for me) and the Pond5 public domain project:

    There is also free stock footage available though sites like and
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