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Thread: Windows 10 and Vegas

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    Default Windows 10 and Vegas

    We currently are using TriCaster TC1 for our videos. The video come out as a QuickTime video and looks fine. But when I put it into Vegas, the whole video looks zoomed in and can not get a normal 1920X1080 look.

    But here is the problem, I have Laptop with Vegas and QuickTime and the video looks great.

    Have not been able to figure what is wrong with the desktop and qujicktime. No help from Apple at all.

    So just throwing out this question for possible items. QuickTime is Vs. 7.9 full and registered.


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    A screenshot would help.

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    Sorry for the delay in my reply. This what I am getting.

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    There are a couple of possibilities. I'd start with the pixel aspect ratio in the project properties and the Maintain aspect ratio check box in the clip properties.

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    Tried it and does not change. Stays the same zoom look. Just can not figure out what is going on the desktop since my laptop it looks normal with the same version of QuickTime installed. I have even tried different versions of QT but no luck.

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