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Thread: Connecting Zoom H1N mic with Lumix FZ300/FZ330 camera.

  1. Default Connecting Zoom H1N mic with Lumix FZ300/FZ330 camera.

    I now shoot video with the Panasonic Lumix FZ330, the mic I've been using from camcorder days is the Zoom H1N.
    All videos on YouTube show connecting the H1N via it's headphone out jack to the mic in port on the camera. (3.5mm-3.5mm).
    However despite following all instructions and sending the -6db signal to the camera and setting audio accordingly, this method naturally produces a lot of white noise from the mic's earphone output.
    Is there a way of connecting the mic's USB port to the camera mic jack? Or even USB to the micro USB port on the FZ330, so as to by pass the white noise, and negate the need to keep syncing the audio on the timeline with that recorded on the H1N.?
    Or is a Rode or similar mic the only way to go?

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    I always connect my Rode to my ZOOM instead of connecting the zoom to the camera and then later sync up the recorder audio to the track that's been captured by the camera. Much easier and less risk. Plus you always have a backup if one of the two fails I guess...
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    How did you fix it? Did you try it sending -11db?
    I am thinking buying a lumix fz300 and a zoom h1n recorder and conneting by jack for save time and effort in sync audio and video.

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    Quote Originally Posted by turina3 View Post
    How did you fix it? Did you try it sending -11db?
    I am thinking buying a lumix fz300 and a zoom h1n recorder and conneting by jack for save time and effort in sync audio and video.
    I didn't, it still has that awful hiss via the jack. I think a Rode video Pro mic would be better, though I've not tried it. I now use the Zoom H1N and sync the audio from that on the Timeline when editing.
    If your going for an FZ300 a few things to point out, the Zoom is very fast, and I cannot see a way to slow it down.
    but there are some serious faults to know about too with the zoom lever and selector dial. I'll add link to a fix for them.
    I get around them by not needing them, I use the three custom buttons set as A = 4K video manual exposure and focus. B = 4K video shutter Priority for days with changing lighting. C= still pictures.
    Another thing to note, It splits the videos into 4GB chunks, a clean join, but worth noting in 4K as that is less than 6 mins.
    Zoom lever issues (I've not had any yet). >>>

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    Thanks for the reply.

    I have a lumix tz70 for making my first four guitars video but the sound is not very good:

    Thatīs why I am thinking about buying tz300+Zoom H1n. Iīve thought this option because I donīt like the idea of sync audio with video four times everytime I make a video with 4 guitars playing together; on the other hand Iīve never tried sync audio with video, so, I donīt know if itīs very tedious.

    I was thing about buying lumix fz300+Zoom H1n until I could read your comment about the noise; I canīt find very much about noise in the zoom h1n manual: a little in page 21. Maybe adjusting levels with the dial?

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    There are videos out there on the use of the zoom H1n as an audio interface, so see if you can find a USB to 3.5mm lead on ebay or amazon and bypass using the ear phone output (it is the earphone out that produces the hiss).
    Syncing audio is very easy. The Zoom H1N allows you to set a Mark ( audio tone at the start of recording , but I just speak the location and time at the start, this is then on both camera and zoom audio tracks, I then splice the video where the speak ends, and do the same with the Zoom track, both now start at the same point.
    There are other Zoom mics that will have better interface etc too, if you've not purchased the H1n yet.
    I personally would rethink the camera itself and go for something more modern, remember the camera has no earphone out to monitor the recordings, more modern cameras will do.

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    Thanks, I still donīt what to do. Still not purchased nothing. Zoom h1n seems a good option, I donīt know others.

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