Hello all!

So I am new to this forum. I have been trying to launch my freelancing career since Lockdown ended, things have started taking off with some subcontracted work gradually funnelling its way to me. I'm thrilled as I really do love this craft! However I would like to start making contact with the source and get myself some first hand clients.

I would really appreciate some constructive criticism on my videos as well as some input on how much I should be charging. I thought the £250 day rate would be good enough. However, I would appreciate some numbers from the pros (don't worry I'm not sensitive) I have attached a corporate video I have recently completed and plan to turn into a larger promotional portfolio. I have also linked to my Instagram for some of my more independent, creative work. I know some of my audio needs work!

Many thanks in advance!

- S

(Website currently in development) INSTAGRAM PAGE: https://www.instagram.com/seb_marshall_creative/