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    Question Audio that cant be edited

    Hi, guys, I probably have a pretty strange question but anyway. Can someone say pls if its possible to make audio track "glued" to video file? By "glued" I mean that nobody could cut audio track out of video with some software?

    I make video content but somebody steals my videos, cut audio track with my voice out and use my voice. Is it possible somehow to protect my video n audio? I dk, mby glue audio track in video or make smt that after they cut my track out, the track itself would be automatically broken somehow? Any ideas?

    Thx in advance, guys.

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    Impossible but it is possible for some companies to track down these cut up copies and then you could have a lawyer send a cease and desist letter.
    Might even be possible to do that through the company that finds the fakes.
    YouTube already does that with music. Not sure if it will start doing it with the works from original content creators as well.
    In the end if audio is played it can be recorded, either directly or just indirectly with a microphone next to the speaker. Audio bootlegging has been around since before the internet
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grapes View Post
    Audio bootlegging has been around since before the internet
    Ah yes. We had the "Home taping is killing music" campaign led by the Musicians' Union back in the 1970's. Unscrupulous bootlegging for a profit had been around since the late 1960s at least.

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