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Thread: lucid dreams.. 💔 | cs:go edit

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    Default lucid dreams.. 💔 | cs:go edit

    Another edit of cs go, i'd like to know what you think and if you'd like to see more a like on the future?

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    I'm assuming this will come off blunt but since you asked: I didn't like this. I think it's just footage of someone playing a game which might be mildly interesting in other people that are familiar with that game but not really to a broader audience. When I would look at it from the perspective of someone who plays the game I don't feel this brings anything spectacular, interesting or worthwhile I wouldn't have seen a million times over either in similar videos or by, you know, actually playing the game. So the point is lost on me. I also really don't like what's going on with the effects and the edit in general.
    With that said I personally would not like to see "more a like on the future", though thanks for asking I suppose.
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    My reaction, too, Grapes. But we libve in a world where people pay money to watch other people playing a video simulation of a real sport, so who knows?

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    Yep I've had that in te back of my mind and I can't talk from much experience but I did watch some e-sports footage and generally enjoyed it more if it was well constructed in its aim to entertain. I felt that lacking here.
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