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Thread: Looking to upgrade graphics card for editing

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    Default Looking to upgrade graphics card for editing

    Hi Folks,

    Just joined the forum so apologies if the question is a but weird. I have recently bought a drone and I'm having a ball flying it. Problem is my PC is a bit slow at editing the footage. I increased the RAM tody from 8GB to 16GB to start improving things.

    Nest item in my sights is my graphics card. Currently I'm running a NVIDIA GeForce GT 710 which I believe is a bargain basement card. Can anyone recommend any graphics cards they use in their editing set-up? Maybe an AMD card or an uprated NVIDIA spec card?

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    You probably benefit more from a system upgrade if you're still running a GT 710. Current drones usually output files in formats that are better handled by new hardware. I myself have similar issues and so far all my research has lead me to believe I would need a current gen CPU and GPU with at least 32gb ram and ideally some M.2 SSD cards to be able to handle the modern footage standards for the coming three to five years or so. Alternatively you can film in lower resolution. E.g. stick to something like 1920x1080 @ 25fps (Europe frame rates) <60mbps bitrate and a h264 codec.
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