I'm trying to get a usable system for handling footage of video and photos on a Mac, I did post something similar previously, perhaps someone here can help me ?

my main issue was that of iCloud online storage causing me a tangle, my footage currently comes from my phone, and iCloud was quickly full and complaining. I've turned off iCloud photos, turned off syncing, moved my photos stored on the Mac to an external drive, deleted much of the icloud storage via the online portal (since dumping the contents of my phone did nothing to that)

leaving iCloud to just look after my documents, my hope was to simply take footage on the phone, then plug in the phone via usb and drop photos into folders on the external drive, however Mac insists on 'importing' iPhone footage to the Photo library from where it generally refuses to be dropped into separate folders on the external hard drive, I don't understand why this is so hard. in attempting to view folders not the hard drive, the provided method of viewing them is absolutely rubbish, and doesn't remember any of the settings, requiring each and every folder to be set up, and it mixes up the order of the photos to some degree, obviously not preserving the order that they were when uploaded, why is this so hard and clunky to use ?

so, question is, how can I be doing this better ?

I'm looking for simplicity, plug in device, store photos in their own folders, be able to organise, keep things tidy

can anyone share how they do it ?

many thanks