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Thread: Video Frame Rate and Monitors

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    I recently acquired a 60fps camcorder, previously I was filming in 50fps.
    The 50fps video was silky smooth viewed on a PAL TV (via a media player), less so via the PC and it's monitor.
    The 60fps footage plays silky smooth on the PC and it's monitor (Refresh rate: 60 Hz) but choppy played via the PAL TV, regardless of media player settings as it only likes PAL footage.
    Is there a way or a refresh rate for a new monitor that will play both 50fps and 60fps smoothly so both can be viewed on the same PC (usual player is VLC Media player).
    The above also applies for 25fps/30fps too. Most footage will be 1080p (the 60fps knocked down from 2.7k).
    Thanks in advance.

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    Most likely you can manually change the refresh rate of your monitor. Mine is kind of old so it's stuck at 60 Hz unless I lower the resolution a few steps below the native resolution, at which point I get the option of 75 Hz. That might mesh better with 50 Hz.

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    Would a very high refresh rate monitor overcome this? Say a 240 HZ gaming one, would it play all 25/30/50/60fps smoothly?

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