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Thread: Nero and Dual Layer discs

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    Default Nero and Dual Layer discs

    Anyone using Nero to burn dual layer discs. I'm turning loads of discs into coasters here as after every burn my DVD plays for a while then freezes on me. I've run a check on each one and it shows the error "cyclic redundancy check" which I believe is a code for bad media. Thing is the discs are fine before I burn them. I know this is a bit specific but just thought I'd float it to see if anyone has a view.

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    I used Nero to build a few dual layer DVDs when I first got my drive... but given the lack of compatibility with players haven't tried since.

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    Yes - I've had this before - we had to run the latest update from

    Hopefully that may work for you?

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    Thanks guys.

    Yeah that's the weird think Mike. I've got all the latest Nero updates. I'm going to have to do a bit more digging around for info on this and double check my setup I reckon. I just wanted to confirm it wasn't a Nero issue really so given that you can do it fine I'm assuming that's the case.


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