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    I am after a video editing software that can copy a timestamp from the clip and save it on word/excel/or other documents.
    At my job, I am viewing a lot of CCTV footage where I have to manually type the time stamp for the clip onto a word document where something happened. Will save more time if the software will do that for me, the time bit I mean, because I can write the rest.
    Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

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    I know adobe premiere can do this. You can just scrub and then click the time and to ctrl+c .
    Made you a sample vid:
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    If I understand correctly what the OP wants is a way of copying a timestamp that is embbedded in the original video (ie not the time from the start of the the clip, but date/time recorded onto the CCTV footage).
    I know of nothing that can do that.

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    Ah if it's literally that, that's entirely different. However you could theoretically use the built in Windows Snippet tool to it copy it to the word file as an image.
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