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Thread: I need advice on video catalogue options. Which software?

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    Default I need advice on video catalogue options. Which software?


    As an amateur videographer, I mainly create travel and family videos. My footage comes from 4 cameras, a SONY ZV1, a Mavic 2 a DJI Osmo and a Nikon DSLR.
    I use Lightroom to review and catalogue the footage, and I use Davinci Resolve for post production.

    I need advice on alternatives to Adobe Lightroom for cataloging video clips.
    Lightroom is really good to assign rates, stars, tags, keywords to the video clips. But it is really poor to play the actual footage, although my PC config should have no problem with it. (note: I don't have issues editing 4k in Davinci)

    This is my workflow for an average project:
    - I usually start with 500+ raw clips, mostly between 15s to 2 mins long
    - I import the raw clips into Adobe Lightroom,
    - I rate them from 1-5 stars, I group them by the premise, topic, record date, etc.
    - I get rid of 1-2 star clips
    - I import 3-4-5 in Davinci and I do the editing, coloring and the rest there

    I like Adobe LR because I come from photography and I am very familiar with the interface. But I am fed up with the choppy playback. I also love Davinci for its editing capabilities, but I find it overwhelming for a simple review and rating exercise.

    Any suggestion for an open source or low cost digital asset management software that can show video thumbnails, play back efficiently, and offering some basic tagging, rating capability?


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    Lol I have always hated lightroom because I'm too impatient to understand and use the strange file tree navigation system (Maybe you can just copy paste file paths these days when you want to add something but previously I had to navigate my entire system by clicking on folders as far as I can remember)
    Anyway long story short I have my own very simple solution without the use of any additional software.
    I go to the folder with the 500+ clips. I make sure that "view" is set to extra large thumbnails. I make two folders "keep" and "delete" and then I go split screen with a media player on one side and the folder on the other side and play them one by one. When I know if it's a keep or delete I click "next" in the media player and whilst the next clip starts playing I can simultaneously drag the previous clip to one of the two folders. That way I go through the whole batch and at the end I just delete the entire "delete" folder at once.
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    Thank you for this tip. I should have thought about this solution actually... Why do i always complicate things?

    BTW in the meantime I tried two candidates:
    Vee-Hive and Saleen video manager. Both are free and okay(ish) But they create their proprietary database and you cannot really drag and drop the actual file in the file system, also it is difficult to add scores/rates to the files. Not to mention they both need an import process to start with...

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    No problem. In this day and age of "there's an app for that" we often forget that there sometimes are non-app based solutions that work just as well.
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